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Totally Derma – beauty more than skin deep

If you’re lucky enough to have tried Totally Derma before then you’re already one step ahead. I had, for many months after starting my HIFU practice, been drawn to the concept of partnering the treatment with something driving beauty from the inside out as it were. We are indeed what we eat in terms of the effects it has on our skin. But with a cacophony of ads shouting this and that health claim, spurious beauty accolades I knew my selected product had to more than pass muster.

Because HIFU is considered a non-surgical face lift I started to look at products that were well respected and recommended in the surgical field. I felt that looking to this market would indeed sift the wheat from the chaff. It did. One of the internationally recognised and popular choices particularly in the LA plastic surgery industry was Totally Derma.

What I love about this product is that it drives improvements in so much more than just skin texture, the active ingredients and vitamin and mineral compounds are so much more than merely skin deep. Indeed what started out as a post HIFU product has had some amazing results for some of my longest standing clients. One of my most ardent fans is a client who’s post retirement arthritis had previously started to become a significant limiting factor to her day to day life. What was meant to simply enhance the HIFU glow has become a staple product that she will not go without – indeed the skin benefits have become secondary to the outstanding improvement she has felt in managing her arthritics joint pain. “it’s had an effect similar I’d imagine to taking a super strength Omega oil, its’ amazing”

I also recommended it to a client who was undergoing abdominal surgery as a way to help support her recovery as she’s had a period of ill health running up to surgery. Her feedback was amazing and her surgeon was astounded on her wound healing when attending her 6 week post operative check up. She’s a life long user and fan, the list keeps growing! It’s these gem, these amazing products that keep my passion alive. Beauty definitely starts from within.

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