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Totally Derma Supplement

Totally Derma is a new addition to the Custis Aesthetics family. We advise our clients to take Totally Derma between HIFU sessions to encourage the body's collagen production which in turn improves the results HIFU delivers.

Originally formulated for medical purposes, Totally Derma has been found to have a wealth of anti-aging and other health benefits. Skin, hair, nail, joint, bone, gut and gynaecological health (amongst other areas) have been seen to significantly improve.


As a provider of medically graded skin treatments it's extremely important for us to provide our clients with products that we know are supported by scientific proof of effectiveness. Totally Derma are backed with clinical studies and scientific research with transparency regarding ingredients and production methods. This is how we can be sure we are providing you with a premium product.


Each tub is a 30 day supply and we advice our clients to take it for a minimum of 90 days to see the full benefit. Results will continue to improve with longer term use.

For further information or to place an order, please contact us below.

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