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Did you know not all HIFU is created equal?

Let me tell you about my HIFU journey. It was with careful evaluation and many months of research that I decided to embark on my HIFU business. With years of beauty experience I knew already that it was imperative to research and get the right device. In fact this lead me on an aesthetics research adventure to Monaco and the Anti-ageing Congress 2017 . It was here that I was able to rub shoulders and meet Elite practitioners, manufacturers and suppliers to the world best Aesthetics and beauty businesses.

A spectacular, glamorous and exciting venue - bustling with the crème de la crème of beauty professionals, the atmosphere was electric. It was a brilliant opportunity for me to make a truly informed and thoroughly researched decision on my HIFU device. I had spent many hours looking and all avenues of non-surgical treatments. What was most effective, longest performing, least invasive, and had a strong track record. HIFU was the clear choice. BUT…. As I very quickly discovered all HIFU is not created equally.

In fact did you know that there are many low grade devices manufactured often in China that give a much less stimulating delivery of treatment not penetrating as deep as a medically graded HIFU machine? Of those superior devices there are only two manufacturers easily available in Europe and I chose Ultrawon, who’s aftercare and device reliability was exceptional.

To many this may seem lost in translation but in terms of technology - the deeper the SMAS layer is targeted, the more collagen will be stimulated in the much deeper layers of the skin. This gives and long-lasting and high quality treatment outcome.

Armed with all the right answers to my questions, sore feet from walking miles around the event - but truly satisfied, I climbed back on the plane after my Monaco adventure. A whirlwind trip but having made the best commercial decision of my life and the most exciting personal step into my new business chapter!

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