HIFU Clinic Partnership Opportunity - Forging new relationships

It goes without saying it’s been a turbulent 6 months in the beauty industry which I’m sure none of us could have predicted. One interesting development has been new ways people within the industry are working together, helping each other and forging commercial relationships. For me, at Cutis Aesthetics one of these ways has been the HIFU partnership package which came about organically through our network of industry relationships.

It’s the perfect proposition, medical grade HIFU offered to a clinic or salon’s existing clients but with Zero investment and each clinic earning a commission on every treatment.

It’s not something I envisaged when embarking on my HIFU business but now seems a very sensible way to expand into a mutually beneficial arrangement – in fact any practitioners reading this who have equally high investment equipment could look at this new operating model. Could this form of commission and ‘residency’ or ‘guest’ specialisms allow our industry to rise phoenix-like from the ashes of a post Covid world of beauty?

In simple terms medical grade equipment such as the Ultrawon HIFU requires a significant investment, at least a £30,000 for the Ultrawon and in current financial climates this is a probative amount. We’re all facing challenges on our cost of operating and by developing this model we can support each other whilst also keeping clients engaged and increasing your treatment range.

I currently have a small number of selected commercial relationships with premium salons and clinics but am looking to expand this part of my business. Also happy to inspire like minded practitioners to forge into this new business to business model. Find out now more about the HIFU partnership opportunity to start earning commission. Give Anita a call to discuss terms today on +44 7868843070, email cutisaesthetics (at) gmail.com or fill in the contact form below.

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