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Do You Make These Skin Care Mistakes?

We all know that it’s important to look after our skin, but there are some basic mistakes that many of us make that could be undoing some of our good work.

Mind Body Green recently spoke to three estheticians about the most common skin care mistakes they encounter.

Angela Peck highlighted over-exfoliation as one of the problems she sees her clients making. She explained that it’s more important to circulate the blood in the skin to support its natural process of renewal.

For Danuta Mieloch, however, one of the biggest issues is people not using the correct products for their skin type. “People get caught up in using what their favourite celeb uses, what their sister uses, instead of focusing on their own skin needs,” she asserted.

The key, according to Ms Mieloch, is to cleanse daily, as well as perform a basic facial massage. She also recommends regular face masks and whatever moisturiser or serum you need.

Finally, Hannah Brady explained that many people are guilty of under-moisturising, and often avoid facial oils because they mistakenly believe they will clog their pores. However, she explained that applying such oils to freshly toned, damp skin will make a world of difference.

Even if you have relatively problem-free skin, it’s important to get into good daily habits regarding your skin care. We recently shared some advice on how to lay the foundations of a good skin care regime.

If you need more help with skin rejuvenation in Buckinghamshire, contact us today to find out more about our services.

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