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How To Protect Your Skin From Pollution

If you live in any big city or town in the UK you’ll struggle to avoid pollution on a daily basis. From the vehicle fumes to urban dust and countless other sources, there’s plenty in the air that’s damaging our skin as we go about our daily lives.

While many of us have embraced the concept of religiously wearing SPF to prevent sun damage to our skin, pollution damage is something that appears to be slipping under the radar.

So, what can you do to look after your skin when it’s being damaged by so many things that are out of your control? The Independent noted that it can be easy to forget about the effect pollution has because you can’t see or feel it on your skin.

The newspaper explained how pollution damages your skin - by affecting its protective barrier. In the long term, this means that your skin can become duller and lose some of its elasticity.

Hyperpigmentation and fine lines are other side effects of regular exposure to pollution.

If you start to look around the aisle of beauty products at your local store, you’ll quickly notice that there are a host of anti-pollution options now available.

Investing in some of these should be your first port of call if you’re worried about how your skin is coping with the pollution in your area.

You can buy moisturisers, serums, cleansers and balms to help boost your skin’s natural protective layer and give you greater protection against the free radicals that are commonly found in air pollution and that can do such damage.

As well as investing in high-quality products that you can use on a daily basis, it’s also worth thinking about skin rejuvenation in Berkshire to help give your complexion a boost.

Anti-pollution skincare products also feature in the recommendations from one of Meghan Markle’s aestheticians Nichola Joss. She recently told the Sydney Morning Herald what advice she gives to brides-to-be who are preparing to walk down the aisle - although much of her advice is good practice even if you’re not getting married.

Her first tip is to start thinking about your skincare six months ahead of the ceremony. Taking skincare supplements is a must, as is eating a clean and preferably plant-based diet. One month before she recommends starting a daily and nightly massage pattern for your face.

In terms of products, her tips are: “Cleanse, tone and apply a facial exfoliating liquid to keep skin looking bright. Follow up with an anti-pollution day cream and antioxidant serum.”

When you’re choosing skincare products, Ms Joss suggests looking for those that include vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

If you need some help deciding which options are most appropriate for your skin, ask your skincare expert when you go for a facial. They’ll be able to recommend products that will work with your skin type.

Having regular treatments with an expert will also help keep your skin in good condition and ensure that you look your best, so it’s worth splashing out on some TLC for your face if you can afford it on a regular basis.

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