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Kim Kardashian Reveals Basic Skincare Routine Costs $4,200

The Kardashians have made a name for themselves for their exotic looks and flawless skin, and perhaps none more so than Kim. Therefore, with a net fortune of $175 million (£129 million), it is no surprise to find out she spends a lot on her skincare routine to maintain her beauty – $4,113 to be exact.

The 37-year-old reality TV star told fans who use her KKW app about all her favourite skin products as an insight to how the mother-of-three always has a perfect complexion.

She has 17 lotions as part of her staple skincare routine, believing she uses “products that work together and [I] really see results”.

Her favourite brand is La Mer, with the average product costing around $400 to $600. She loves La Mer Genaissance de La Mer The Serum Essence which retails at $630, La Mer The Concentrate at $360, as well as La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturising Cream at $475.

However, she does not just prefer the super expensive products, and a $15 bottle of Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare is one of her favourite.

“It helps with ageing, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, scars and dehydrated skin,” she said, adding: “When I was pregnant, I would apply it like crazy. This oil totally saved me.”

The businesswoman also extolls the virtues of sun cream, saying she always wears products that have SPF, as protecting skin against the sun has many long-term benefits.

“It’s so important for protection, preventing fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration. It’s my number one anti-aging product,” Kim told fans.

Another way you can achieve a flawless complexion is by booking HIFU treatments in the UK. These quick procedures are great at lifting and tightening skin gradually over a few weeks until you have the smooth, glowing skin you want.

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