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Macadamia Oil For Skin Rejuvenation

Genetics, environment, lifestyle are all factors which contribute to the aging of our skin. The good news is that natural remedies have provided us with many answers, in the form of vegetable and plant-based oils. Working in close affinity with the structure of our skin's epidermis, naturally occurring molecules including fatty acids and ceramides reinforce cellular cement, support skin fibres and replenish its defences. Natural antioxidants such as vitamins E and C, carotenoids and vitamin A, flavonoids regulate free radicals and regenerate cells. Vitamin C, in particular, stimulates skin rejuvenation.

The best source for these essential nutrients is from plant extracts and vegetable oils. In this article, we shall be looking specifically at Macadamia Oil.

Obtained by the cold pressing of the macadamia nut, and scientifically known as "Macadamia integrifolia", the Macadamia plant is indigenous to Australia and initially discovered in the warm, tropical regions of north-eastern New South Wales and Queensland. It's characteristics, smell, taste and texture are similar to sweet almond oil. Today, however, the macadamia plant can be grown in many countries around the world, including Kenya, Hawaii and South Africa.

Macadamia oil is renowned for being nourishing, softening and rich in Omega-3 and 6; making its composition very close to that of our own skin's sebum. As a result, the oil is quickly absorbed and does not clog pores. Being extremely rich in vitamin E, it deeply hydrates the skin and prevents cell oxidation; thus helping the skin regain its elasticity. As a result, regular use of macadamia oil can reduce stretch marks and wrinkles, as well as soothing scar tissue. You can use macadamia oil in synergy with other oils, including Wheat germ, Rosehip oil, Inca Inchi oil and Shea butter.

It can be used in a pure state and directly on the skin; therefore, is suitable for sensitive skin types, as well as skin which has been damaged or irritated by the elements. Its protective qualities are also used for maintaining hair colour; applied as a full-covering hair mask or just to the tips for 20 minutes before shampooing to moisturise hair follicles, roots and cranial skin deeply. Furthermore, macadamia oil is also recommended for cranial massages as it facilitates local microcirculation and can also be useful for post- hair removal to soothe the skin. Finally, it has a filtering and protective action against ultraviolet radiation, making it an essential beauty product to take with you during summer vacations.

For further information on Cutis Aesthetics' services for skin rejuvenation in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, and in particular for our HIFU treatments, view the Treatment section of our site or contact us today.

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