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Skincare Tips For Flying

If you’re planning your summer holiday at the moment and you’re going to be getting on a flight - especially a long-haul journey - it pays to think about how you’re going to look after your skin.

Harper’s Bazaar has recently offered some top tips on in-flight skincare, speaking to Dr Frances Prenna Jones about the dos and don’ts of sky-high skincare.

Dr Prenna Jones explained that a combination of factors work together to damage the skin when we’re flying. While many celebrities have been making much of flying without makeup on, she said that removing your makeup is just one of the things you should do.

Wearing makeup on a plane, where the atmospheric pressure and air conditioning is already drying out our skin, simply means that our skin becomes even more dehydrated.

She recommends taking your makeup off as soon as you can once you get on a flight, and says you should then “apply a product containing hyaluronic acid that can be rehydrated with a face mist and anti-pollutant to keep hydration up during the flight”.

If you are drinking alcohol during your trip, you should make sure you drink at least four glasses of water for every glass of alcohol, Dr Prenna Jones added.

Of course, if you’re doing a lot of travelling you may want to book yourself in for regular HIFU treatments in the UK to help keep your skin looking at its best.

If you’re spending a lot of time exploring cities on your travels, it’s also worth looking into how best to protect your skin from pollution. Using products designed to combat the effects of pollution is a good place to start.

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